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Cooking classes

1. Am I supposed to book all the 3 classes or are them independent lessons? They are completely independent from each other.

2. Where is the class hosted?

At Tartines, in our new renovated room.

3. What if the lesson gets cancelled due to Covid 19 restrictions? 

We will do a full refund.


4. Are the lessons going to go online if Covid 19 restrictions are in place? 

No. We will reschedule them until the situation is safe to do so.

5. Could I pay during the class? 

No, sorry. Payment is in advance to hold your place.

6. Should I pay the full amount ($90 per adult lesson, $50 per kid lesson) in advance to make a booking? 

Yes, please. 

7. What is the cancellation policy if I decide not to attend the class?

We require 72 hour notice. Otherwise we can't do a refund. 

8. Can the class be transferred to another person if the booked person is not able to make it? 

Yes, If you are not able to make it, you can transfer your booking to someone else.

9. Can I request a dish to be cooked and a personalised one-on-one class? 

Not at this stage.

10. Are pets permitted during the class? (other than companion animals) 

No, sorry.

11. Are kids permitted during the adult class? 

Not at the moment, sorry. We are handling kitchen equipment, hot assets and the room is small, which makes the environment unsafe for kids during the adults lessons. Check our calendar for Kids lessons instead.

12. What is the minimum age to join the adult class? 

18 years old.

13. What is the age to join the kids class? 

Minimum 8 years old, maximum 13 years old.

14. Do I have to bring any utensils/containers to the class? 

Don't worry. We will provide everything you need.

15. What if the class I want is already full? 

We will put you on a waiting list and let you know if any spaces free up.

16. Are photos permitted during the classes?

Just casual snaps to tag us on social media are okay. Please strictly no filming or recording. We will have our own professional photos and videos and we are welcome to share some with you after the class.

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