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Cooking classes

French cooking classes with Laurent.


Adults classes: The ingredients, copies of recipes and a glass of wine will be provided. You will take home the meal you prepared and a complimentary garnish to match it. 


Wednesdays 6.30pm to 8pm 

Price: $90 per person (includes all the ingredients)

Dates and dishes:

Wednesday 8th of Feb: Gnocchi à la Parisienne

Wednesday 29th March: Paupiette du Boeuf (beef paupiettes)

Wednesday 19th April: Beef Bourguignon

Wednesday 17th May: Stuffed Eggplant roulade. (it will be a vegan dish) 

Wednesday 14th June: Poulet à la crème George Blanc (Chicken in Creamy sauce) 

Wednesday 19th July: Salmon Wellington (Salmon in puff pastry)

Select your preferred date from the calendar and book below. The classes are independent from each other.

FAQ about the classes.


Select the date from the calendar and book below.